Ubud Indonesia, became the best city in the world again

Ubud Achievement

This is not the first time Ubud incised achievement. In the beginning of 2017 Travel + Leisure has named Ubud as the world’s most friendly city in the 11th position. The same status that provides Conde Nast Traveler magazine in 2013.
In 2016, the Nomad Register website sets Ubud in the world as a nomad digital person (travel blogger). For the creative workers, Ubud’s calm and comfortable atmosphere is very interesting to work.
Similarly the TripAdvisor site information of the delightful Ubud that as one of the world’s best places based on the experience of disclosure. Namely by snatching the ranking of 10 of the 25 best destinations in the world and ranked three of the 25 best destinations in Asia.
Although there are many other achievements, a very important achievement that is worthy of the best city in the world.

The attraction of Ubud

Ubud is not only famous for monkey forest and rice field tours that have been worldwide, but also the best place for yoga. In addition, there are many more successful in Ubud who successfully defeated the beauty of Barcelona in Spain, or in Rome.
In addition to holiday destinations, Ubud is a honeymoon destination with a beautiful countryside atmosphere. Complete with a variety of traditional and organic culinary, the location is unique. For example the traditional village of Nyuh Kuning adjacent to Monkey Forest, where thousands of monkeys are free to roam and chat freely.
Here is also a complete city tour, such as Museum of Painting – museums in Bali, as well as Pura Ubud and Pura Saraswati. Ubud is also suitable to be a destination for traditional dance lovers like kecak. Not only that, there is also terraced rice fields that are not less beautiful than Jatiluwih, namely Tegalalang.
Philosophy of life, fish booster

With a calm atmosphere, blend with nature, and uphold the local arts, Ubud is able to make the hearts of the people from all over the world. Rather than the beach and party, the atmosphere of Ubud gives more value to art and tranquility.
Similarly, a typical Balinese interior in every corner, and the hospitality of the surrounding population. “I love everything from Ubud, I am spoiled by the kind and thoughtful people I meet wherever I go,” wrote one of the readers of Travel + Leisure.
Of course. Ubud is a rich city that is still a sure sign of the Tri Hita Karana philosophy. That is the teaching to do good to others, God, and nature. Instead of having a good product, Ubud also has a variety of power that can enhance Indonesian tourism. Whether it’s from nature, or any culture that contains spiritual value.
“Bali’s most complete 3A, Accommodation, Access, Amenities .. But in the future will continue to be strengthened because there are already spiritual values ​​in the products and services of art, culture, and tourism are here,” said Minister Arief Yahya. (Source: KONTAN)

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