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Ubud: Five reasons why you should visit Ubud


Ubud is a tiny green town (almost a village) in the middle of the island. Ubud was a thriving center for medicine. The epicenter for medicinal herbs, alternative medicine (faith healer). Some say that the name “Ubud” stands for old Balinese word “ubad”, meaning medicine.
Spending only a few hours in Ubud is not enough to truly absorb all that it has to offer. Staying for at least a full day or for a night, maybe two. Common places tourist visit in Ubud are the art markets, Monkey forest and the Ubud palace, a good place to watch traditional dance.

Five more reasons why you should visit us

  1. Friendly locals
    Bali is home to some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world, where no tourist demand is too demanding and service with a smile is standard.
  2. Rich culture and heritage
    You don’t need to go looking for a dose of traditional way of life during a visit to Bali. There are over 20,000 temples on the island and spirituality and community is integral to Balinese people.
  3. Show-stopping natural beauty
    Picturesque rice terraces, soaring volcanoes, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, lush tropical forests and a dramatic coastline are awe-inspiring, while the tropical beaches are a visitor favourite.
  4. Shopping
    Bali is a treasure trove for shopping. The markets at Ubud and Sukawati are buzzing with people and stalls selling all sorts of knick knacks. Just don’t forget animal products and wooden items will need to be declared.
  5. Value for money
    Bali is great value for money where affordable flights and accommodation packages are available in abundance and the cost of living, including meals and shopping, is quite cheap. So why don’t you live like royalty in a private villa staffed by our personal driver and butler?

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